Hello, and welcome to my page.† My nameís Edward, as you might have guessed from the name you clicked to get here.† Iím the primary creator of this web site, though not the primary creator of the artwork within in it.† I started the site years ago using Yahooís Geocities.† It was mainly something I did just to see if I could and also as a place to showcase some of the fabulous artwork relating to our role-playing endeavors.† In the fall of 2009, Yahoo closed their Geocities program.† I liked what we had on-line so, instead of seeing it all just disappear, I purchased a domain name and re-created the site.†

Now, a little bit about me.† I did role-playing for the first time in Junior High.† A buddy of mine and I used to play Tunnels & Trolls during study hour.† After that, I didnít play again until college.† We used to play Dungeons & Dragons a couple times a month for two or three years.† It was primarily 1st Edition rules with some 2nd Edition material thrown in.† We had one main DM and I think everything we played was based on modules.† We had a lot of good times and ate a lot of pizza with Coke.

After college, I didnít play again for a number of years.† While playing on a dart league, my brother Jody and I got to talking to one of the guys on the other team, John.† During the course of the conversation, role-playing came up.† Turns up he used to play all the time as well.† As often happens in such cases, we all said that we should get together sometime and play.† Unlike what usually happens, we did.† We have all been good friends since.†

John introduced us to the RuneQuest role-playing system.† It was a little confusing to start with, being much different than D&D, but we quickly fell in love with it.† It was primarily based on the world of Glorantha but we occasionally adventured on other worlds as well.† Some of the adventures where loosely based on modules but most of the adventures where the creation of John.† The first character I rolled up for it was Alfred Tungstan.† Though there has been a couple close calls, he is still alive and a major player that I use to this day.†

Years later, John moved out of the state.† Jody and I thought our role-playing days were going to be over for the foreseeable future.† As luck would have it though, while eating dinner out one day, Jody ran into a friend of his that he used to game with when he was in college, Timothy.† They renewed their friendship and Jody and I started gaming with Tim and his wife Jamie, and occasionally a few others.† Tim was the DM and ran a D&D based world.† The first character I played in his world was Dew Lagel, who was a character that I used to play with in college that he allowed me to import.† Timís world is one that he created himself over the years.† Not only has he developed the cultures and politics of each area, but he even has the geological history and the origin of the different races developed.† He has pulled his ideas from everywhere.† The original D&D source material, mythology, science fiction and our own U.S. History.† One of the coolest things about his world is the role-playing history.† He has run characters in it for over 20 years real time and hundreds of years game time.† We have often found the remains, and their treasure, from previous adventuring groups, including their chalk marks on the wall.† Besides D&D, we would also play other role-playing systems including Chivalry& Sorcery and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.† All have been a lot of fun.

A year or so later, John moved back to town and we introduced him to Tim.† Everyone hit it off and our regular gaming crew expanded.† As a plus, we now had two really great DMís.† This allowed each of them to play as well as DM.† Tim was introduced to the RuneQuest system and he liked it so much, he converted his D&D world over to it.†

Many years later, we are all still gaming together.† A few members have come and gone over the years but the core has remained.† Sometimes Jodyís wife plays.† Sometimes some of Johnís kids play, mainly Alex until he moved out of state.† Jody took up the gauntlet of DMing using the Wheel of Time role-playing system.† Sometimes I DM using a world that I am slowly developing which uses the RuneQuest system but incorporates some of the races and magic from D&D.† John has developed a new world based loosely on the Magic, the Gathering card game called The Valley World.† And we continue to explore the multi-continent world of Timís creation.†

I hope that you enjoy these brief glimmers into our psyche.† If anyone has any questions or comments, I can be contacted at edward2010@thecompanionstales.com